Fast, Accurate, Affordable, Award-Winning Automated Eye Detection Technology

EyeKnow Lie Detection, an Authorized Premier Service Partner of EyeDetect®, specializes in servicing a variety of industries, individuals, and companies with ground-breaking EyeDetect services and resources.


Next generation lie detector that spots a liar in 15-30 minutes monitoring involuntary eye behavior.


A convergence of the 2 best lie detectors, which means more reliable testing and valid data analysis.

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“I’ve used EyeKnow Lie Detection services for a number of my clients and found them to be professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. EyeDetect® is an accurate, affordable, and efficient lie detection service that gives results in a matter of minutes. EyeKnow is an up and coming business that meets our needs in a timely, convenient manner. I highly recommend EyeKnow for lie detection services.”

– Criminal Defense Attorney | Chichester, NH

“EyeDetect® has been a game-changer for my sex offender population on probation/parole. This simple lie detection device has proven to be the answer for treatment providers in identifying truth or deception as a maintenance tool in treatment. EyeKnow is a company that makes administering exams fast and easy giving results in a matter of minutes. EyeDetect is a great service provided by EyeKnow, a good company to work with.”

– Sex Offender Treatment Provider | State of New Hampshire

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