EyeDetect® Technology

Lie Detection. Reinvented.

EyeDetect® and EyeDetect+® are automated lie detector tests used to administer screening analyses for a variety of industries. The award-winning technology is fast, accurate, and affordable, helping you and your business reduce your risk and losses, and save time.

Companies adopt EyeDetect services to accurately and quickly test job applicants, employees, patients, parolees, criminal suspects, and others in just 15 to 30 minutes with EyeDetect and 20 to 45 minutes with EyeDetect+.

This ground-breaking technology was developed by renowned scientists at the University of Utah in 2003. Through extensive research, these scientists continue to make improvements and advancements to the technology.

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Next generation lie detector that spots a liar in 15-30 minutes monitoring involuntary eye behavior.


A convergence of the 2 best lie detectors, which means more reliable testing and valid data analysis.