Quickly Identify Insider & External Threats | Find the Truth

If someone lies to get a security clearance, they’ll probably lie to keep it.

No government wants that risk.

EyeDetect® helps find the truth about an applicant’s background and keep ongoing tabs on personnel. Military, police, and intelligence agencies worldwide use this advanced technology to quickly and cost-effectively detect deception.

To identify insider or external threats, use the best lie detector, EyeDetect, to do the following:

  • Identity trustworthy job applicants
  • Continuously monitor personnel
  • Efficiently run security clearances
  • Improve border security (screen visitors, refugees)
  • Uncover the truth in investigations

Effectively vetting new hires and personnel reduces risk and threats to governments and communities. Screening tests take 30 minutes and test results are ready in less than 5 minutes. Investigative tests take only 15 minutes.

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7 Reasons Government Agencies Love EyeDetect

  1. Save time & money finding job applicants with clean backgrounds
  2. Test on 4 areas of concern at one time to discover any “issues.”
  3. Efficiently monitor current employees or contractors.
  4. Accurately conduct investigations to find the truth.
  5. Technology encourages confessions—applicants think twice about lying.
  6. If polygraph is required, use EyeDetect+®, the world’s first automated polygraph.
  7. Helps in investigative interviews (pre- or post-test).

Test for These Topics

  • Espionage
  • Sabotage
  • Ties to terrorists
  • Illegal drug use
  • Commission of serious crimes
  • Or any other disqualifying activity

Free EyeDetect Test Drive

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The World’s First Automated Polygraph: EyeDetect+

Video on EyeDetect+, the world’s first automated polygraph

Comparison of Polygraph, EyeDetect, and EyeDetect+

Brochure about EyeDetect+, the world’s first automated polygraph

Summary of EyeDetect Research


Agencies tasked with investigations can use EyeDetect to get faster closure by conducting reliable lie detection tests on suspects onsite. Accuracy for investigation tests has been field-tested at 89%.

EyeDetect can be used to test for espionage, sabotage, terrorism, murder, trafficking, or any other crime.

Watch how one military agency used EyeDetect to investigate a crime committed by thieves dressed in full combat gear and weapons.

Safe Social Distancing

Concerns about safe social distancing during lie detection tests are legitimate. During a polygraph, the examiner is in close proximity to the applicant. In addition, it’s challenging to clean all the equipment between examinees as they are in contact with two corrugated tubes, finger sensors, blood pressure cuff, and motion sensor mat.

EyeDetect can solve that issue. Get more information here about how EyeDetect testing allows for safe social distancing.