Quickly Establish Innocence or Guilt | Verify the Truth

Threatened by legal action, people may lie to avoid the consequences.

Why Use EyeDetect®?

Private investigators, attorneys and police departments use EyeDetect for:

  • Client and case control
  • Unbiased verification of guilt or innocence
  • Cases lacking physical evidence
  • When a client is unsuitable for polygraph
  • When investigation results need a 97-99% outcome confidence

Accurate information helps make informed decisions.

With EyeDetect, quickly find the truth about a person’s past acts. The human mind keeps a record of illegal activity, and EyeDetect can expose it.

Use EyeDetect if the examinee is unsuitable for polygraph Or, if polygraph is required, use EyeDetect+® — the world’s first automated polygraph.

EyeDetect is unbiased and standardized. Everyone is treated fairly. Tests are objectively scored by computer. Accuracy has been lab-tested at 88%.

Combine EyeDetect with an independent polygraph examination to get a 97-99% outcome confidence. It’s a better argument than either solution alone.


  • Higher confidence in outcome for cases
  • Tests can be administered with basic training
  • New service offering for attorneys and PI’s
  • Tests available in any of 50 languages
  • Test adolescents as young as 11 years old

Test Topics Cover the Range of Illegal Activities

  • Drugs
  • Burglary
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Murder

Investigative tests take 15 to 20 minutes. Test reports and results are ready in 5 minutes. Because the tests are automated, examiners can practice safe distancing in times of pandemic.

The World’s First Automated Polygraph: EyeDetect+

The best way to find the truth among job applicants is to use EyeDetect. And, if polygraphs are mandatory in the hiring process, EyeDetect+, the world’s first automated polygraph, can fulfill that need.

Video on EyeDetect+, the world’s first automated polygraph

Comparison of Polygraph, EyeDetect, and EyeDetect+

Brochure about EyeDetect+, the world’s first automated polygraph

Summary of EyeDetect Research

Internal Corporate Investigations

Organizations sometimes need to investigate crimes committed by employees. With EyeDetect, internal investigations can get faster closure by conducting reliable lie detection tests internally.

Free EyeDetect Test Drive

To experience EyeDetect for yourself, contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation “test drive.”

Investigative tests take 15 minutes and test results are ready in less than 5 minutes. Screening tests take 30 minutes.

The testing process is automated and computer-based. Best of all, it’s the most accurate screening test on the market.

Safe Social Distancing

Concerns about safe social distancing during lie detection tests are legitimate. During a polygraph, the examiner is in close proximity to the applicant. In addition, it’s challenging to clean all the equipment between examinees as they are in contact with two corrugated tubes, finger sensors, blood pressure cuff, and motion sensor mat.

EyeDetect can solve that issue. Get more information here about how EyeDetect testing allows for safe social distancing.