Uncover the Truth

Assess honesty in just 15 minutes

EyeDetect® will revolutionize your counseling with the unfaithful. It speeds up recoverty for the unfaithful and addicted, as well as their traumatized spouses.

Must-Have Technology for Your Practice

Many treatment providers have concerns using polygraph examinations because they can be expensive and time-intensive. Plus, the intrusive nature of polygraph, along with the presence of an examiner, can harm the rapport you’re trying to build with the patient.
With EyeDetect, detecting deception in unfaithful spouses or partners is now faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective.
EyeDetect decreases the game-playing by patients determined to keep secrets from loved ones. It breaks through denial and brings patients face-to-face with the reality of their inappropriate behaviors and their consequences.

Free EyeDetect Test Drive

To experience for yourself what it’s like to screen personnel with a fast, affordable, noninvasive lie detector, contact us to arrange your free, no-obligation “test drive” of EyeDetect.

Screening tests take 30 minutes and test results are ready in less than 5 minutes. Investigative tests take 15 minutes.

The testing process is automated and computer-based. Best of all, it’s the most accurate screening test on the market.

Safe Social Distancing

Concerns about safe social distancing during lie detection tests are legitimate. During a polygraph, the examiner is in close proximity to the applicant. In addition, it’s challenging to clean all the equipment between examinees as they are in contact with two corrugated tubes, finger sensors, blood pressure cuff, and motion sensor mat.

EyeDetect can solve that issue. Get more information here about how EyeDetect testing allows for safe social distancing.