The New, Automated Polygraph

Reliable, Objective, and 89-91% Accurate

The latest evolution in credibility assessment.

EyeDetect+® is the world’s first automated polygraph.

It’s been 100 years since the invention of the first modern-day polygraph by John Augustus Larson in 1921. Now, 100 years later, EyeDetect+ 2.0 emerges as the latest and next natural evolution in lie detectors as the world’s first automated polygraph.

EyeDetect+ detects deception by monitoring and recording physiological activity — similar to polygraph — as well as the same involuntary eye behavior changes from a standard EyeDetect test.

This revolutionary automated polygraph testing process is impartial, accurate, and less intrusive than a traditional polygraph.


It gives credibility assessment experts worldwide:

  • An optimized convergence of 2 trusted, proven testing protocols.*
  • Additional, improved diagnostic data channels.
  • New, improved, and less intrusive sensors.

This means more reliable testing and valid data analysis.

*U.S. patent pending


Unlike human beings who vary, administration and analysis of test data is computerized.

Highly Accurate

Scientifically validated at 86%-91%.

Less Intrusive

Unlike a traditional polygraph, it measures blood pressure activity without an arm cuff.

Functionally Identical to Polygraph

EyeDetect+ uses testing protocols much like polygraph, making it simple for polygraph examiners to easily transition to this innovative technology. And since the data recording and scoring is automatically performed by the computer, it allows polygraph examiners to use their skills in a pre- and post-test interview.
The EyeDetect+ Station includes a device called the Physio Tracker, which is used to connect simple sensors to a person’s fingers, wrists, and abdomen for testing.

These sensors automatically record data similar to a polygraph, including:

 • Blood pressure (no arm cuff)
 • Electrodermal Activity (EDA)
 • Cardiovascular Activity such as heart rate
 • Respiration Activity
 • Body Movements

Legally Compliant Worldwide

Because EyeDetect+ is functionally identical to polygraph, it should meet the legal definition of “lie detector” in most jurisdictions worldwide. But, unlike polygraph, the test is administered and scored by algorithm — not an examiner — so it has perfect reliability.

This Automated Polygraph is Ideal for locations where the legal definition of “lie detector” is polygraph, or any individual polygraph examiner or organization that requires polygraph for testing.

How Does EyeDetect+ Work?

The body responds to deception. The greater the consequences of the lie, the greater the emotional reaction and increase in cognitive load. This affects the brain and body. EyeDetect+ measures changes in the eyes, heart, lungs, and skin.

Participants answer Yes/No and True/False questions on a computer. The infrared camera records eye behaviors. The Physio Tracker records cardiovascular activity, skin conductance, and respiration activity.

When the test concludes, all of that data are uploaded to a secure web server for analysis. A person’s credibility score is immediately calculated and available in a web-based Dashboard. The results are simple: truthful or deceptive.

The Automated Polygraph Test is Ideal for:

  • U.S. states or other locations where the definition of a lie detector is polygraph.
  • Any individual polygraph examiner or organization that requires polygraph for screening job candidates, verifying the trustworthiness of staff, and conducting investigations.

Equipment includes: EyeDetect Station v4, Physio Tracker v2, and activity seat pad.

What is the Physio Tracker?

The Physio Tracker is a multi-channel physiology monitor used with an EyeDetect Station that manages the connections and sensors to measure electrodermal activity, cardiovascular activity, respiration activity, and body movements. It’s powered by a USB cable connected to an EyeDetect Station (version 3 or 4).

The Physio Tracker can be used during any EyeDetect test. When not used, standard test scoring is performed. When used, enhanced test scoring is performed.

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